Is It Better to Be Loved or Feared as a Leader?

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Whether a leader is feared or loved has been a debated issue by philosophers for many years. You could argue that a leader being loved is better because of the trust and motivation sides of things, or you could say to be feared is better because people follow rules and orders better. What is the role of government in human society? Whether being ruled under democracy, dictatorship, or autocracy all of these types of governments do however have one thing in common. All of these types of leaderships have one goal and that is to lead and rule the citizens under a “leaders” power which is established by the ruling parties and citizens. A leader controls everything in an organization, company, or group of people, and also knows exactly what is best for their followers. There are certain ways you can be a good leader, but sometimes these don’t work for everyone. Good leaders aren’t always the ones who are loved by all, but they are feared as well. So what makes a better leader, someone who is feared or loved? This debated topic could be broken down into more simple terms of our everyday lives. Should a good employer, teacher, coach, or parent be loved or feared? To think about the classroom setting is an easy example to explain how being loved is always better than being feared. When students in a class are with a teacher that is feared, everyone tends to obey however there is really no motivation to do anything else other than what is expected of them. But if there is a teacher
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