Is It Can 't Happen Here

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Can Totalitarianism Happen in America? In 1935 Sinclair Lewis wrote a book entitled It Can’t Happen Here; in Lewis’novel he shows that through the political system that is in place in America that it is possible for a totalitarian leader can come to power. In 1935 when the book was written the United States was going through The Great Depression; during this time anything was possible. Americans were desperate for an answer and if a leader at this time were providing people with a way back to prosperity, then they would take it. This means that totalitarian government was possible at this time. At this time Germany went through a similar Depression, which led to the rise of Adolf Hitler. Hitler was able to rise to power legally because of Germany was a newly formed democracy that that allowed Hitler to rise to power. The president in the United States at the time was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Hitler and Roosevelt had similarities in the way they came to power and the ways they stayed in power. They both used technology to spread their message of hope and both leaders had the opportunity to call for complete control of the government. When Adolf Hitler rose to power he used his great speaking ability. Hitler, a war veteran who was considered a terrible worker was able to take control of the Germans Workers Party. He was able to take control of the party because of his great speaking abilities. When Hitler first joined the party the number of seats that the party had in
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