Is It Even Possible?

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Is It Even Possible? Everyone is gone; nobody is to be found at all. The only thing left is the sounds of Mother Nature. This is what may happen to the human race if action is not taken. Many viewpoints are taken that the problem could be climate change, future technology, or a movement that is just killing off people. I think the human race is doomed because we do not realize the damage we are doing to ourselves until it is too late. The sources I have chosen have compelling information that brings forth different viewpoints to the effects of our humanity. A professor of philosophy at Oxford named Nick Bostrom predicts that "people do not understand how we are going to destroy ourselves" (Bostrom, 1). Bostrom has written many papers of human extinction saying that the future technology is the problem that will continue to grow in numbers with potency in the next century. Josh Clark wrote the article that describes how important Biodiversity is. The point that he makes tells that "everything on this earth from the smallest micro organism to humans have an important part that makes the earth run smoothly" (Clark, 2). Without these main factors of the earth, we would not make it as far as we do. Joe Welkie wrote about how 10 theories on how the human race will go extinct soon. He tells about the future technology including the DNA Strands, Overpopulation, black holes and possibly a nuclear war. Welkie is a writer on the team called ViralNova, that specializes tell a
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