Is It Feasible To Increase The Number Of Students Who Attend

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Is it Feasible to Increase the number of students who attend CSU’s job fairs?


The Career Center at Colorado State University is a vital part of a student’s time spent at the school. It provides students with opportunities to connect with people through a variety of networking channels. One way they help students meet potential employers, is through their job fairs. An increase in the amount of students who attend job fairs can directly increase the number of students who get jobs right out of college.

Why should student students attend job fairs? The cost of attending a university, like CSU, is only justifiable by the job opportunities a degree offers graduates. According to a study published in an article by CNN
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The second is the number of companies willing to come to these type of events. A waiting list of companies trying to attend would be ideal but if there is a lack of interest from these organization, the effectiveness of increasing attendance would be greatly reduced. The last criteria will be the university 's willingness to make it a priority. Colorado State only has a finite number of resources. It will be important to see how much attention the career center as a whole gets from the school and whether or not its is possible to increase this number.

Procedures In order to determine whether or not this is feasible, the cost, willingness of company attendance, and available resources must be researched.
Procedures to determine cost In order to determine what, if any, increase in cost would come from an increase in attendance, I will do a series of interviews. These interviews will take place with members of the team that runs the fairs. I will also look at data from other schools who have implemented programs to grow their job fair programs. This will include a cost-benefit ratio. I will ask about venues as well as basic accommodations. This research will be done by the end of march.
Procedures to determine company willingness First I will see what companies are currently involved in the program. Of these i will see which are local as well as corporate.
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