Is It For Your Future?

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Telenursing: Is It in My Future? Suzanne Traill Chamberlain College of Nursing Information Systems in Healthcare NR361 March 15, 2016 Telenursing: Is It in My Future? Introduction Nurses often wonder what happened to their patients after discharge. Did they go for follow up care as advised? How is their disease progressing? What were the results of their testing and how are they coping with the prognosis? Nurses bond with patients at the bedside and our concern extends long past discharge. The ability to provide support, advice, and education to patients in their own environment would help them maintain control while allowing the nurse to fulfill their professional role with autonomy. Bedside nursing has long been the benchmark of…show more content…
Telenursing has been around in varying forms for years. A telephone call between a nurse and a patient involving health maintenance constitutes telenursing. It is practiced in other countries such as Canada, the UK, and Sweden. The ability of patients to bridge the gap of distance and speak to a healthcare provider without a long drive or office wait makes up for the lack of hands on care. It is a field I never considered before but I think it would be a rewarding venture. Body Is telenursing in my future? I have been practicing this unique form of nursing for years without being aware when I perform postoperative phone calls to check on my discharged patients. This service could be enhanced with the integration of computers, tablets, and video to provide health advice and emotional support as the patients recover from surgery. Having the ability to visualize their dressings and assess for abnormalities using the nursing process could only benefit patients as it could prevent painful trips to the physician’s office. We can guide a patient through dressing changes, medication administration, or catheter care thus preventing visits to the doctor. Nursing care can be revolutionized with just a telephone call. “Telehealth allows healthcare delivery over a distance as an alternative to face-to-face encounters” (Moss, 2014, p. 233). Nurses use triage to consult with patients who now have access to healthcare professionals from their homes. Decreasing
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