Is It Hard To Eat Spinach?

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Spinach is very easy to choke on. Trish, the blogger, was having spinach one night. She starts choke on it and she couldn’t get it out. Trish states, ¨I had to reach in, grab that little guy with my two fingers and pull it out.¨ Also sometimes half of the spinach piece can be in your mouth and the other in your throat. Its happened to me, too. The last reason is it is hard to chew so if you just swallow it will get stuck in your throat. This proves spinach is hard to chew and swallow. Spinach also looks and tastes gross. Fellow classmate, Ashley, says, ¨ Spinach tastes plain, almost tastes like plastic, sour, and bitter.¨ When spinach is cooked it looks like a gross dark green gloop and it tastes like it, too. Spinach has the taste of all the most disgusting things you have ever had.Spinach looks and tastes terrible.…show more content…
My mom used to not like spinach either and she was not forced to eat it. Also Fox News quoted Jane Wardle, she said, "Children could actually blame their mothers for not liking foods." and I agree. I think if my dad is never forced to eat peas, I don’t have to be forced to eat spinach either. Not liking spinach is not my
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