Is It Important For Knowledge?

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As a calculus student last year, I constantly wondered why certain material is truly essential to learn if that specific knowledge not tested in the area of study I want to pursue. After all is it necessary to dive into the depths of integral calculus to become a psychology major? Yet at the same time I wondered how not exploring in depth material may hinder the understanding of complex concepts. Although, these concepts are distinct thoughts both seem to have logical questioning behind them. Thus, the dilemma of this particular thinking have lead me to ask, is it important for knowledge to be applicable in order for it to be valued? History is an area of study that relies heavily on memory and language. The events that have governed the past are carefully analyzed to evaluate their patterns. The purpose of studying the past is to learn from mistakes in order to not repeat them again. This process evokes a gain in knowledge which helps one make decisions regarding the present and the future. However, if knowledge gained from studying history is not applied in the right manner, is it essentially losing value? An example of this scenario leads to the current real life situation of the 2016 American presidential election. Donald Trump is a republican candidate that has publicly condemned the idea of letting Muslims enter the country of the United States. He defends this position as a temporary policy for the “safety” of the American population. He supported the idea of
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