Is It Important to Focus on Organisational Values and Engaging Stakeholders, Including Patients, When Working to Improve Care Quality and Patient Experience?

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Is it important to focus on organisational values and engaging stakeholders, including patients, when working to improve care quality and patient experience?

This paper examines how organisational values and stakeholder engagement can improve patient quality, experience and care. The author will do this by exploring what stakeholder engagement is and how it is being used in the healthcare arena to improve care quality and patient experience. The author’s critical analysis will discuss the relationship between organisational values, stakeholder engagement and the delivery of quality patient care, before relating this to his professional practice, prior to drawing and presenting conclusions.

The author having worked in
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Many healthcare leaders are advocates for, and believe that patient engagement and experience has gained true importance and value in improving healthcare quality, it has easily become the ‘heart’ of the core definition of ‘quality care’. It is clear that patients are able to provide expertise beyond generic feedback on ways of improving the patient experience.

Industrial improvement science (IPS) advises where possible to rigorously pursue the customer or the case of this paper – patient, ‘value’ in as much service planning as possible: many of the processes that provide little or no value to the patient are usually the cause of wasted time, resources, capacity and finance and can in places lead to sources of potential harm that take away from the improving health agenda. In order to really understand what provides value, quality and high level care to the patient, we need to consider improvements from the patient’s perspective, as they are the expert by experience.

Historically, many interventions or processes implemented to promote and improve health care and quality were directed by professionals with a lack of input from the local populations . In recent years however, stakeholder engagement has become the core remit to guidance and many national strategies for improving healthcare systems (e.g. Department of Health) . Community stakeholder engagement is broadly defined as
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