Is It Insane And Cruel?

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On February 13th,2014; conditions and policies for anyone under the age of 18 changed for the better. ‘Belgium will become the first country in the world to remove any age restrictions on the practice of euthanasia. Na, N. (2014, February 13). Belgium 's parliament votes through child euthanasia. Retrieved November 16, 2015, from
Many stand points are taken when this topic of euthanasia is brought up. Medical, Political, as well as Religious. Some say this is a fair given right while others argue that is it insane and cruel.

Child euthanasia has been put into affect to end poor quality of life. This includes unbearable pain, suffering, having an incurable disease, and most importantly, the patient must be terminal. Being terminal as a child covers diseases such as cancer, leukemia, and AIDS. Being born with any of these diseases gives the patient a 0% chance survival rate because chemotherapy and the AIDS drugs which would lower the patients red blood cell count so the patient is able to continue to live a happy normal life would poison a child. A child’s body has not developed enough and most of the bodies systems have not fully developed yet, the body is not strong enough to filter the toxins given in these medical solutions.

Looking at child euthanasia from the religious aspect conflicts many people. The Belgian Catholic Church has described the law as a “Step too Far” as well as other organizations of European
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