Is It Moral Or Moral?

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125 Word Essay Since, we were little we are taught that we shouldn’t take out silbins crayons, toy, or snack, are lying about it. It is written as the eighth commandment; “You shall not steal, nor deal falsely, nor lie to one another. … You shall not cheat your neighbor nor rob him." But, what if the case of stealing was a little more serious, what if yours or your familie 's life was in danger? A family is starving, so in desperate times the family steals some food from your neighbor farm. I believe it is not moral wrong to commit that crime or sin, to help nurish your family. At these depresate time you put your moral right to keep your self or family alive. One is bond and require to act in a way to get ones national end. According to Kant, if happiness was our aim, then nature would arrange happiness for us. To act moral for selfish reason , is not moral at all. For example, companies donate money to chariety, not because the company has so much money, they feel it their moral duty to give back to less unfornate in the world. No, its because it make the compnay look good and allows the company to get a tax break. Moral worth comes clear when you are at a low in your life. Should one steal from their neighbor 's garden or does one starve and allow oneself to die? 600-800 Word Essay Any particular action, in order to be moral, must be motivated by the Categorical Imperative. That means that two identical actions may not have the same moral status. Moral worth of an

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