Is It Morally Sound To Create The Perfect Human Being Using Genetic Changing Technology Essay

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Is it morally sound to create the perfect human being using genetic changing technology? Think about a time where a mother can go to the doctor when she is pregnant and the doctor explains to her that her baby has down syndrome, however for a certain price the medical team can go in and change the makeup of the DNA and the baby come out fine. Now think to a time where a mother can go into a doctor office and tell the doctor that she wants her baby to be 6’5” and the most athletic and smartest person in that babies school. Is the outcome of the first situation, worth the second option being available to everyone? This is an option that is coming in the near future, with the technology that is being invented in todays society. The idea of …show more content…

The future of genetic enhancement is upon us, they already have the idea of sperm and egg donors, but there is another way to actually enhance babies to be exactly what the parents want them to be. It has been said that there may be a day where there is a computer, and you select the height you want your baby to be, the sex, how smart they are, and how athletic they are. The idea that there may be a day where people can do this is despicable. What parent would not want their son or daughter to be the top of their class, or a 5 star recruited athlete? The problem with this is that it would even out the playing field too much, every single kid would be this absolutely perfect human being with no flaws, and all the athletic abilty, and IQ anyone could ever want. One of the reasons it has taken so long to figure out how to change the genetics, is actually trying to find out what genes to figure out the pathways and make up of genes, 150 years to be exact (Kwok 229). By Roberta Kwok stating this, it shows that many peple have wanted to see this come into reality, if people have been working on uncovering it for 150 years. So there is no doubt people want this to be an option in the pregnancy process, however some people do not believe it would be right for it to be

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