Is It More Valuable Than Good Health?

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There is nothing more valuable than good health. Most people would agree that one of the biggest aspects in their lives is trying to manage and improve their well-being. An interesting aspect of health is that everyone has a different view of what it is, whilst sharing a recurrent theme. A common misconception about health is that its main focus deals with illnesses. Personally, I believe the term health refers to living a happy lifestyle physically and emotionally. In addition, I think health is impacted by our surroundings such as our peers and the environment that we live in. I take my health very seriously, as it plays an important part in my daily life. As far as I am concerned, without my health I would not be able to do simple…show more content…
I experience this by many different physical activities such as my passion for weightlifting. I go to the gym five to six days a week, working on different body parts throughout the week. In my opinion, I feel lifting weights not only helps physically, but mentally as well. In the gym, I am always pushing myself to do more in weight and repetitions. It is also mentally taxing because some days I will have muscle soreness, and I have to motivate myself to go workout. Prior to when I got into weightlifting, I always felt sluggish and out of shape which was embarrassing. In addition, I also work on my cardiovascular health by participating in recreational activities like basketball and hockey. Similarly to weight lifting, they are just as mentally exhausting. Recently, I have noticed that none of my friends are able to keep up with the pace that I can execute in sports, owning to the fact that I am always trying to improve my strength and cardio. Undoubtably, I cannot discount a healthy diet. A healthy diet plays a massive role in my physical health. Without eating healthy, I wouldn’t be able to perform to the best of my abilities in the gym, playing sports or in most everyday activities. Everyday I try to keep track of how many grams of proteins, carbs and fats I eat during the day. . Admittedly, some days I eat better than others. There are some days where I will perform little to zero physical activity or I won’t eat
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