Is It My Future?

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Telenursing: Is It in My Future?
A colleague, Tomika, has resigned her position and has successfully gained employment with an agency that installs telemonitoring equipment in the homes of patients with chronic illness. She brags about the position stating that she gets to work from home and only on occasion has to attend meetings at her agency. She does not visit the patients in their homes but will monitor their status by video conferencing. Her goal is to detect any problems in their disease process earlier in order to possibly eliminate a hospitalization. We worked well together and she is encouraging me to apply for an open position. She believes that I would be a great fit. This paper outlines my thought process of applying for this
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The continual increase in technologies, equipment, and ease of patient use will parallel the increases of this insured population. Where face-to-face appointments once took the most part of patient’s day, patients are now transmitting their personal information via electronic devices directly to the nurse in a matter of minutes. Video conferencing can be performed in a minimal amount of time compared to the office visit setting. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages to telenursing and in order to make a possible career changes, those must be examined. Advantages of Telenursing
The advantages of Telenursing are numerous. Time is always a factor and is important for everyone. Saving time and being able to do more with the time in each day is vital. Where a patient appointment may only last 15 minutes in a provider’s office, the time for the patient to plan that appointment into their day may take much longer. Telenursing eliminates patient wait and drive times. With a predetermined video conference time, the patient can be in comfort of their own home discussing their needs with the nurse. There is no need for the patient to arrange transportation, possibly drive in inclement weather, or drive what could be considered by the patient as a long distance. Telenursing can also eliminate some of the family stress that may occur due to determining which family member manages this visit instance.
Telenursing can be
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