Is It Not As Deceiving As You May Think?

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Looks are Not as Deceiving as You May Think You can guess a person’s social status by simply looking at what they wear, what they live in, and what they drive? I know what you’re thinking, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, but often enough this simple judgement is down right accurate. People often enough wear clothes to show their social class, or at least to make a statement and say they have the money to afford the “higher-end products”. People that happen to have a large income also tend to live in larger houses which are a symbol of how hard they worked, and acts as a reward for all their effort. This award not only benefits them, but shows others their progressive work payed off. Cars are also a way people can show what social…show more content…
Many people brag about their Nike collection, but tend to be more quiet when they talk about their living circumstances or way of getting around town. I am not saying that spending their money on their shoes is a negative thing, it just shows that people try to mask their social class by wearing something that a person in their class would not typically have. Social stratification also exists in sports. In women’s softball it is seen through the types of bats players have. DeMarini’s bats are usually in the $300-$400 range, while Nike bats range from $50-$100 on average. Usually girls who happen to come from rich families carry around two DeMarini’s or maybe one DeMarini and one Xeno which is about the same price range as a DeMarini. Girls from poorer families usually have cheap Nike or Walmart brand bats. Many also borrow from their high school team’s bats. It is easy to notice the girls who borrow these bats, because they typically have a “beat up” and overused look, and the grip is worn. Other sports like men’s basketball have the same issues. Men that come on the court wearing Air Jordans are deemed “richer” than those who wear “Sketchers”. Players who wear shoes like New Balance or Sketchers are seen as poorer and more underclass, or working poor. Middle class individuals usually purchase Nike and Adidas basketball shoes. Those who are upper-middle class
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