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Prepper Journal: Is It Ok To Panic Yet? Things Have Changed
It is safe to say that by and large nothing has changed for the better. However, the change in some cases has come in increments, which allows us all to adjust to the point that potential threats become like furniture.
You do not see what has always been there right under your nose, because you have become accustomed to it, used to seeing it to the point you no longer notice. The adversaries of the United States of course prefer it this way. If the country and its citizens do not recognize something as a threat then no one prepares to counter that threat.
Russia is flying their jets off the coast of the United States. Our military jumps in the cockpit of their planes and wags a wing …show more content…

The point is of course, if there ever was a good time, now may be it according to some. You cannot panic, because you need your wits about you.
Now is the time to pay closer attention to what is going on in the world. Have you ever watched the segments on certain news and entertainment shows that have reporters interviewing people on the streets?
You would be alarmed at the number of people that cannot name or even recognize the Vice President of the United States. They think the war of 1812 ended 10 years ago. The number of people in this country that are uniformed, and live in their own little world is alarming. Apparently some if not many get their news from websites, blogs, and Facebook pages, and it cannot be called news in many cases, because it is simply someone's opinion most of the time.
There are of course blogs, websites, and Facebook pages that do a great job of keeping their readers informed with articles and news blurbs. If you find a site that does supply you with facts, opinion, and relevant content and allows for discourse then you had better support them, because they are getting rarer as the days go

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