Is It Possible That We Focus Too Much On Heightening Children 's Self Esteem?

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3. Alternate #3 – Is it possible that we focus too much on heightening children’s self-esteem? Are there any hazards? Describe them and suggest alternatives. I believe it is possible that we focus too much on heightening children’s self-esteem. From my perspective, I would only heightening children’s self-esteem to build self-confidence, help children to be able to discover their true identity, and prevent negativity of children’s self-worth. The hazards could be the result of children to become too self-love, or become arrogant, which could be hard for children to critically evaluate themselves. In other words, if children become too self-absorbed with themselves, this could become a disadvantage to not be able to identify mistakes. The alternative would be to teach children what self-esteem means, to keep an open mind to be able to accept themselves and how their actions could positively and negatively affect them. Another way to think of this is to have an equal balance of self-esteem and the worth of others as a community.

4. You are a supervisor/business owner/administrator and are making an important hiring decision. Why would understanding Rotter’s concept of locus of control be helpful? Go beyond the obvious here. Look at the ups and downs of each. The way I would define locus of control is how one feels about a topic, situation, themselves, etc. to their response behavior. I fingered out locus of control is how one’s attitude affects their behavior. For…
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