Is It Possible to Restore a Balance between the Conservation of the Natural Environment and the Growing Global Needs of Humans

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People are beginning to realise that that these bio- systems can not be conserved just through the protection of critical areas alone.
A new solution whos potential hasn’t been fully taken advantage of until now is ecological restoration which is a process whereby not only the recovery of eco systems that have been degraded damaged or destroyed are looked at but also the human influences that surround them.
In order for ecological restoration to be effective it needs to pay attention to four main aspects namely:
• Improvement of biodiversity conservation,
• Improvement of the livelihoods of people,
• The empowerment of the native and local people and
• The improvement of the productivity of the ecosystems.
The difference between typical conservation where only the environment is considered and ecological restoration is that it has the potential to make opportunities available not only to repair the damage done to the ecosystems but also to improve the condition of the people involved in rescuing it. Because people belive they are helping themselfs ecological restoration has been able to alter the perspective of people in the local community, allowing new economic opportunities to form aswel as the rejuvinaton of traditional cultural practices. In this way it can be seen…
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