Is It Rare For A Coyote?

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Is it rare for a coyote to attack a person? According to the Humane Society of the United States more people are killed by golf balls and by flying champagne corks than are bitten by coyotes each year. However, even though the event of coming into contact with the sneaky, nocturnal creature is unlikely, people still fear coyotes. The coyote’s ability to contract rabies creates apprehension for those who notice a coyote in the area. People who own pets or other domesticated animals worry that their beloved animal will be bitten and contract rabies if a coyote appears in the area. The fact that coyote attacks are rare leads me to form a personal opinion that there is no actual reason to fear coyotes. People can be and avoid or find a solution to coyote encounters by disallowing the coyotes to become accustomed to humans or by scaring the coyote away during the situation of an encounter. Furthermore, if coyotes have been spotted in an area something is attracting them. Food, water, trash, and other animals could be causing the coyotes to linger around the area. There are numerous ways to prevent coyote encounters. Seeing that the primary reason coyotes are drawn to an area is for food, being cautious and aware of what is left outside the home could prevent coyotes from being attracted to a specific area. The steps to preventing a coyote encounter are simple. Try to abstain from feeding pets or other domesticated animals outside. If feeding the animals outside is a necessity,
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