Is It Real?

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Jimmy constantly questioned his surroundings; “is it real…?” (Atwood 269) became a reoccurring theme. Over a game of virtual chess one day Jimmy asked, “why don’t we use a real set, the old kind with plastic men?” To which crake later responded, “the real set is in your head.” (Atwood, 93) These seemingly unimportant debates among friends, proved to be a small part of the problems apparent in our modern society. Atwood has drawn to attention the idea that the world in which we live is no longer real, and developed it as the main theme in her novel through characterization. Martin Heidegger, in his analysis of human development, proposed that we as a society appropriate entities in order to dominate them, and that our culture built upon a technological dependence has evolved an ideal of self importance (125). This endless consumption, and appropriation, addressed by Heidegger, is demonstrated throughout the novel mostly through bioengineering. Between the exploitation of resources, and Jimmy’s futile questioning of its authenticity, the theme of how consumption can lead to a false reality becomes clear. Atwood’s similarities between Jimmy and Snowman and their relationship in his childhood through to adulthood clearly exemplify the cause and effect of one another. Early on in Jimmy’s life not only does his mother leave him but once she leaves, his father seems to drift away too. Jimmy’s father does not care about his son’s pain. He cares more about getting his new girlfriend

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