Is It Responsible For His Behaviors Either Good Or Bad?

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The question whether one is responsible for his behaviors either good or bad because he has free will to decide what to do or don’t versus he has no moral responsibility on his behaviors because every act is pre-determined by his brain beyond his conscious control is definitely one of the controversial questions of today raised by psychologists, philosophers, neurologists and many others. According to the deterministic idea, everything happening is really the only thing that could happen in that circumstances and could be predicted while the idea of free will supports we somehow have a choice to decide on our acts, that we are self-determined and this is what makes us different from machines as humans. By taking the course material presented to us into consideration, I believe in compatibilism. Most of the time we do what our brain, nature and nurture lets us do and we do what is expected but when necessary we also have the ability to cancel the command given by it, which is referred as “free won’t.”
B. F. Skinner demanded that free will is kind of an illusion and it may not be totally wrong to think that. Our astonishingly sophisticated brains are made up of numerous synergic systems firing information and generating our ideas, consciousness, decisions and acts. It may even be responsible of making us think that we have a free will. Certain stimuli can interfere with the firing ways of synapses and have an effect on our learning, thus behavior. Moreover, behavior caused by…
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