Is It Right Or Wrong?

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Throughout history, the acceptance and willingness to commit violence in a society has been, and still is, a mystery to many people. Although there are personal choices involved when deciding if an action is right or wrong, violence in a society hinges on the ideology of authority. When an authority figure has an ideology that encourages violence a society will be more prone to accept brutality because of the importance of leadership. People generally are brought up to view authority as something that should be obeyed and respected, making it harder to distinguish what is right when obedience means violence. Moreover, the ideology of a leader, whether beneficial to people or harmful, slowly infiltrates the core beliefs of a society, creating a belief system that corresponds with the intentions of the leader. It is easy for a society to turn from what was acceptable at one point in their past to what the authority determines is right and acceptable because human beings are so susceptible to the influence of other 's opinions and beliefs. It is even less of a moral struggle when authority has already established allegiance in the hearts of people and there is a devotion to carry out the goal of a leader. When the motives of a strong leader involve carrying out acts of violence towards others, the followers are more inclined to accept violence as part of obedience to their leader because not only is there a disconnect from feeling responsible for an action, but also because…

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