Is It Safe And Eat?

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This format can be seen in the chapter titled “Is It Safe to Eat?” for example. After explaining what genes are in further detail, particularly bacterial genes, Fedoroff addresses the commonly held viewpoint that bacterial genes and the CaMV 35S promoter in crops are often “singled out in reports on the safety of genetically modified foods.” She specifically cites critic “Michael Hansen of Consumers Union” and his argument that the “FDA should require plant breeders” to “do more” and follow a strict set of guidelines to identify each gene modified and the quantity added by making a complete genetic map and genome sequence. Using her credibility as “someone familiar with the genomes of plants” and several primary scientific journal articles with valid data to disprove critics of genetically modified foods, Fedoroff concludes that these plants are indeed safe for human consumption (Fedoroff and Brown 2004). In this chapter alone, Fedoroff establishes that her book is solidly based on scientific principles. While Fedoroff recognizes alternative viewpoints, she also cites higher level studies are cited, in the form of reputably sourced peer-reviewed scientific journal articles. The data presented to illustrate the safety of genetically modified crops are quantitative evidence and form the basis of the debate, rather than pseudoscientific testimonial evidence. Fedoroff and Brown follow a similar clear, rational, and scientific presentation throughout the book to argue in favor
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