Is It Safe Places Where A Person Can Try Out New Roles?

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Ibarra, Ely and Kolb also discuss creating safe Identity Workspaces. These are safe places where a person can try out new roles, learn, experiment, and not feel threatened. Community is critical in leadership development. When considering factors such as performance feedback, which is rampant with trip wires for women, many organizations, use 360-degree feedback as a basic tool for deepening self-knowledge and increasing awareness of one’s impact on others. These skills are a very important part of leadership development however; gender stereotypes can color the evaluator’s perception that can cause women to experience double blinds and double standards. Some high-performing women who are evaluated as competent managers may also fail the likeability test whereas likeability and competence seem to go hand-in-hand for their male counterparts. These women may receive high marks for task related items such as acting decisively and making difficult decisions in the face of adversity but low ratings on relational tasks such as taking into account another’s viewpoint or using feedback to learn from one’s mistakes. By creating a safe setting that involves a coaching relationship, women’s leadership program, a support group of peers, these women can interpret these messages and begin developing their leadership identity that best fits their needs. Identifying common experiences with other women are especially important when discussing difficult and sensitive topics such as…
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