Is It Safe to Visit Lima, Peru?

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Is it safe to visit Lima, Peru? Most people are likely to relate to stereotypes when thinking about Lima, Peru, and this is mainly owed to the fact that there has been a lot of bad publicity related to the location in the recent years. Like all major cities from around the world it can be a dangerous place for a na誰ve person, but as long as one knows how to stay close to the group that he or she is travelling with and ignores strangers who seem suspicious everything is likely to be all right. Avoiding taxi drivers who ask for more money than a usual fare would cost and individuals who want to sell overpriced objects is basically all that a tourist should consider while visiting Lima. Lima and Peru as a whole are generally considered to be dangerous because people associate them with Columbian drug cartels, given that the country borders Columbia. However, as long as one does not interact with border-related affairs and as long as the respective person knows how to keep out of situations that can spark into incidents he or she is likely to be safe. The fact that I am going to focus on doing mission work in the country makes it practically impossible for me to be confronted with a dangerous situation. I am not going to walk the streets alone at night and I am not going to show off jewelry or expensive accessories. I am practically going to blend in by being as common as a Peruvian can be and this will surely make me invisible to potential aggressors. This city is
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