Is It Sheer Genius?

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Hi, Craig! Throughout this semester, I’ve found most, if not everything, you’ve submitted for both Professor Foreman’s consideration and our enjoyment quite impressive. More than once I have found myself using your work as a benchmark, comparing it against my own to see in what areas my strengths lay and where there’s room for improvement. It needn’t get said, but I’ll just go ahead and say it: this culminates all the spurts of brilliance you’ve shown throughout this class and combines them into one neat and enthralling package. The idea of having students “[create] opening scenes for a script that includes [scene] heading, [description] of [scene] and [action], [protagonist introductions and transitions] from Ordinary World to Call to Adventure” is sheer genius in my book.
Last year, I took a Screenwriting Fundamentals class here at Southern New Hampshire University and had an incredible time, but the syllabus didn’t include The Writer’s Journey in any way/shape/form, nor did any of the students bring it up during the many discussion board roundtables we had. Having had quality time here and there over the last few weeks to make a concerted effort at accounting for everything Vogler mentions in the book, it seems as though whoever came up with the class’s curriculum missed out on a major-league opportunity. It’s my sincere hope that later versions of the class will find ways to include the ‘writer’s journey’ concept—the same way its author was on to something when he came…

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