Is It Successful By Outpacing Its Rivals?

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The basis behind any organization is to be successful by outpacing its rivals. The key to achievement in today’s world lies how well one applies analytics to the overall functioning of business and basic leadership. Analytics should be applied across multiple aspects of business only then a firm is said to be competing on analytics. Analytics has shown a significant impact on almost every kind of industry from professional sports to entertainment, financial management, customer service, sales and many more. Businesses today understand that only by analytically using the growing volume and variety of data and converting it into actionable insights that drive faster and better decision-making, resulting in useful outcomes, greater profits, superior flexibility, and ideal operational efficiency, a business can lead the race. While a few administrations and counseling firms willfully ignore that the services model has as of now gone into a fundamental shift, others are perceiving that they have to stretch out and innovate beyond this – and quick, TCS is one such company. In this paper, we describe how TCS is competing on analytics and applying it in its operations, how efficiently it is providing analytics as a service to its customers worldwide. We also talk about how TCS is using analytics to gain a competitive advantage, in what manner it is benefitting internally and externally from application of analytics and their progress so far. Emerging from its roots, Tata Consultancy

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