Is It Time For Legalize Prostitution?

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Mckenzi Baker Individual and Society II Dr. Hawkins Policy Paper Is it Time to Legalize Prostitution? Research says… One policy issue at the forefront of many discussions is the decision of whether to make prostitution legal. This issue was sparked by a draft from Amnesty International in 2015 proposing to decriminalize “all aspects of sex work”. There is a myriad of things to evaluate in this argument, including motives, ethics, economy and the list goes on. People prioritize those things differently and it is important to consider such things when evaluating the main two sides of the argument. At its most basic form, the two sides of the argument are ‘no we should not legalize prostitution because it will encourage prostitution’ and ‘yes we should legalize prostitution because it will provide a safer environment for prostitutes.’ Both sides use statistical data to support their assertions, and data that gives substance to a very emotional topic, however as one discovers the underlying values in the argument, one can conclude that important data is missing or even that scientific research is not sufficient to reconcile the argument. There exists a very loud percentage of people that believe legalization of prostitution could be detrimental to the very fabric of gender equality. The people on this side of the argument [the opponents of legalizing prostitution] have a very negative view of the profession and believe that women should get out of the line of work entirely.
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