Is It What It 's Cracked Up?

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Is it what it’s cracked up to be? From the start of urbanization the belief in many nations all throughout history has been that cities are where the prosperity of the nation is held. But is this really a valid argument or does that simply referring to a select few? The urban population has grown rapidly since 1950 form 746 million to 3.9 billion people as of 2014. Many of these number exist in North America with 82% of the population living in cities, Europe with 73%, and Latin America with 80%. Asia and Africa on the other hand are far behind having only 40 – 48% of population living in urban areas. It is said by the World Bank that “Africa is witnessing an unprecedented projected population growth of more than 40,000 new urban inhabitants per day between now and 2040” (Voice of America). Although for some countries population growth as large as this can be a good thing but in regards to many developing countries that have cities with a lack of a strong infrastructure, a weak economic hold, lack of a sustainable government, and a poor quality of life, the population influx could cause a major issue in the progress of development and therefore make urbanization a highly negative thing if these issues are not properly addressed. Firstly the definition of what is considered urban and what is considered rural varies from country to country. Barney Cohen, economic researcher, says that urban communities can be defined in any number of ways. This is including by population…

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