Is It Worth Our Earth, Health, And Future?

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Planets, Aliens, and Other Things Beyond Our Earth
Have you ever wondered what goes beyond the Earth? There could even be another species living outside this Earth! I personally think that going to Mars would provide many benefits for us. It’s a risky project, but sometimes you just have to take risks to succeed. We are advancing in our space knowledge, but why? Although it is a very dangerous mission that could possibly end in death, we are developing technology to through with the plan. We are going into the dark space without even knowing what 's out there. We are diving headfirst with the risk of our lives. Is it worth it? How will going to Mars benefit our knowledge of our Earth, health, and future?
Some people think that there 's no point in exploring what 's beyond the world. They say that it’s a waste of money or that it 's too dangerous. They point out that, "the pull of gravity would collapse the human body. The muscle groups are designed around the force of the gravity of the Earth" (Fong). This is true, but we could design exercises to keep our muscles in shape and working condition. We can actually make a study with experiments to see what could help astronauts adapt to the change of gravity. This research could also help improve our life on earth. Others explain that robots could do the job for us. They say, "Robots can do the job. There would be no need to send water and supplies" (Briers). Although this could be an easier option, we would still need to
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