Is It 's Perfect Sex Politics?

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With every candle Netta lit, her house smelled more like warm vanilla and coconuts. Her heels clicked delicately on the hardwood of her apartment as she shuffled around from the kitchen to her living room dusting every surface she could find, clutching the towel from her recent shower tightly around her breasts. “I still think you’re crazy to invite this guy to dinner again,” offered Adam, her best friend, from his place in front of the stove. “I like him,” Netta replied simply. “Which is exactly why you should have said no when he asked if he could bring his boyfriend,” he reasoned. “I couldn’t do that. It would send the message that it bothers me that he’s taken.” “Doesn’t it?” “Well, yeah, but I don’t want Jace to know that. It’s simple sex politics.” “It’s nice to see you being such an activist,” Adam teased. “Are you calling me a slut?” asked Netta, raising one eyebrow dangerously. “Yeah,” said Adam casually, and she shrugged. “Fair,” she finally agreed. “Are you okay finishing up dinner? I’ve got to change before the guys get here.” “Cook the dinner, Cinderella; wash the dishes, Cinderella,” he mocked. “You’re the best,” she called from the hallway. Netta let the towel fall to the floor and kicked it into the hamper with one elegant motion of her ankle, then opened her closet. She selected a low-cut red dress and put it on over her bra. “Adam, button me up?” she asked, and she felt his hand button the dress all the way from the base of her sacrum to the middle
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