Is Italo Calvino, Why Read A Classic?

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Literature is a noun meaning the body of written works of a language, period, or culture. Classic, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, is a noun meaning, a work of art of recognized and established value. It is also an adjective meaning, of lasting interest or significance. With that in mind, can we consider all literature a classic? Well, no. Only the works of Homer, Shakespeare, Emily Bronte, Jane Austen and the like, whose works has stood the test of time and are well loved, can be considered classic. But for me, all literature is a classic. Whether it’s an old children’s book that you’ve only read once, but its morals and lessons remained in your mind or a novel that everybody hated, but you absolutely adore because you relate to it more than anything else. It is all classic, even though those works are not highly regarded and have only been around for a couple of years and not centuries, because whenever you read it, may it be once or at different points in your life, the stories resonate with you and it stays with you long after finishing the book, and that also makes it timeless.
While researching the meaning of “classic”, I came across an essay of Italo Calvino, Why Read the Classic?, where he suggested a few definitions of the word and what to consider as such. Here are
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A year later, when I started to really get into reading, I decided to read it again and to my surprise enjoyed the mystery part of it. Then, I picked it up again last year when I was 16, the “age of discovery” as I read somewhere, and I found myself understanding and somewhat agreeing to the book. I learned that things are not always black and white, there’s a gray area too. I learned that I only hated it the first time I read because every does. And that’s why I consider it a classic literature. Every time I read it, I learn something new about myself now and about myself
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