Is Jack A Mental Disorder Or Not?

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Question 3
The first thing I did was to ask myself whether Jack has a mental disorder or not. After referring to the four D’s, I determined that his behaviors are deviant, distressful (for himself and for his fiancé), and is partly dysfunctional. His behaviors are deviant because he doesn’t fit into the norm. His thoughts are extraordinary and somewhat irrational. His behaviors are also distressful because he lost his track on his sleeping pattern. He constantly worries about people/spies stealing his work, and his worries give him distress. Instead of declaring him to be a dysfunctional individual, I perceived him to be partly dysfunctional because he functions too well in his research, while lacking presence in his social life. Since his behaviors fit into the four D’s, I’ve come to a conclusion that he suffers from a mental disorder.
Secondly, I reviewed the given information to match his symptoms with a known disorder from DSM-V. After considering his symptoms and time frame, my diagnosis for Jack is that he is suffering from Bipolar I. There were few factors that influenced my diagnosis for Jack, and convinced me that he was primarily suffering from Bipolar I, which I will mention the next.
Nature: First of all, he demonstrates some clear physical symptoms like feeling high amount of energy and reduced need for sleep. He indicated that he did not sleep for three nights, which is an act that is pretty outside of the norm and is inside the boundaries of insomnia.…
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