Is Jack Ma A Courageous And Inspirational Man That

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Jack Ma is a courageous and inspirational man that is often considered to be one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the non-western world. The founder and former Chief Executive Officer of the extremely successful and innovative, Chinese e-Commerce company, Alibaba, is worth 21.2 billion dollars (The Richest, 2015). The Financial Times named him “Person of the Year” in 2013, as he is idolised by the masses for his business and environmental dedication (Anderlini, 2013) There are a number of reasons as to why he is so widely respected throughout the world. Firstly, his tenacity and ability to overcome great hardships through pure determination, resilience and courage is truly inspirational. Secondly, his values and ability to motivate his employees through a compelling vision epitomises his effective leadership. Most importantly, he offers a number of key lessons for budding entrepreneurs to follow in their pursuit of business success and greatness.

Born in Hangzhou, Ma grew up in an impoverished community during the height of Mao’s communist regime and the country’s isolation from the West. He was poor, malnourished, tormented for being ‘skinny and ugly’ and often struggled in his primary school mathematics class. Despite this, he had a passion for languages and education. Not only did Ma fail his entrance exam twice before being accepted into Hangzhou Teacher’s Institute in 1998, he was later rejected thirty times before landing a job as an English teacher. As Lim projects…
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