Is Jailbreak Worth Giving A Try?

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Is jailbreak worth giving a try? Jailbreaking is worth give a try to at least have a sense what it is and how it works because from personal experiences that I have gained over the years, I can say it’s worth trying , but at the same time it can also be dangerous for people who can’t control the power. People who choose not jailbreak are choosing to stay with the defaults of apple which is ok for people who aren’t good with technology. While waiting for a new IOS version to come out, developers are making new features to people who have a jailbroken phone. When people first here about jailbreaking, one of the questions is “is it legal?” The idea of jailbreaking is to give device owners freedom to their devices by not following Apple’s rule of not hacking which can be seen negative.
What is jailbreaking? This question is the first thing non-tech people have asked me and to answer is by saying it’s a hacking method which includes a hacking software and a device that has a vulnerability which exploits it to give the device owner higher access then an ordinary user.
Mike Keller’s article “Geek 101: what is jailbreaking?” gives information on what is and how it works on devices made by Apple. I personally have my devices jailbroken because its freedom for my device to install what I want when something new was made by developer that isn’t part of Apple’s company. People who have jailbroken because of me have also agreed it was worth try it because it gave them more things to do…

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