Is Jesus Christ? My Personal Savior?

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Being raised in a Christian household was such a blessing, but my committed relationship with God really took off the summer of my junior year in high school. Growing up, there were multiple times where I prayed to give my life up to God. I had a wonderful youth group down the street where I grew up, and my youth pastor really inspired me to explore Christianity, and what it means to walk with Christ. The summer of my junior year I was fortunate to be a councilor in training at Camp Firwood, located in Bellingham, Washington. It was hard work but it gave me the opportunity to spend me summer devoted to working things out in a supportive community that really solidified my relationship with God. That summer I gave my testimony in a huge stage setting for the first time. That summer really gave me the confidence to share my faith with others and initiate conversation to grow in faith and take in other perspectives. I believe that Jesus Christ is my personal savior, and that it is a continual relationship and it doesn’t just end when we declare that we are followers. There are so many people that have come into my life and shared their experiences with me and that has really grown my faith and I hope to do that for others.

My main ministry leadership was through my time at Camp Firwood ministering to kids from the ages seven to seventeen. Firwood gave me the most experience because I was a councilor in training so not only did I learn the ropes of how to be a counselor and

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