Is Jesus The Only Savior?

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Is Jesus the Only Savior? Ronald Nash, a prolific writer, and apologist. Nash received his PhD from Syracuse University, and was a professor of multiple theological classes at Western Kentucky University, Reformed Theological Seminary, and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. In addition, he taught Philosophy, Religion, and Spirituality. Nash resume speaks for itself. With his experience, and knowledge he exemplifies this in his great book, Is Jesus the Only Savior? He presents this book through an apologist lens, from a Christian exclusivist point of view. To answer the question of the title, Is Jesus the Only Savior, Nash first explains that there are three different views on this matter: exclusivism, inclusivism, and pluralism. Although, Nash addresses all three issues in this book, this paper will focus on the second half, which the focus is on inclusivism. In addition, to make his point of the errancy of inclusivism, Nash use two supporters of this view. Clark Pinnock and Johns Sanders are two supporters of inclusivism. Throughout the chapters, Nash focus on some of their beliefs. One the contrary, Nash begins his approach in the second half of this book by providing an introduce to inclusivism. In addition, Nash’s arguments are very strong, and they are consistent with scriptural authority. Inclusivism position is explained thoroughly in the book. Nash took a respectful approach while remaining firm on his position as an exclusivist. The…
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