Is Jesus Viciana And Jay Cameron? Essay

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Jesús Viciana and Jay Cameron are both part of the physical education system in schools. Although both Viciann and Cameron have ideas for changing the physical education to produce the most benefit they have their difference in opinions. Both focus on the importance of organization and planning to be able to execute a proper class. However, Jay Cameron focuses more on implementing change and motivating it consistently and Jesus Vicanna focus on learning the content. Therefore, seeing the difference in participation we can learn from the ideas and make a better one. With having both Jesús Viciana’s paper “INNOVATIVE TEACHING UNITS APPLIED TO PHYSICAL EDUCATION – CHANGING THE CURRICULUM MANAGEMENT FOR AUTHENTIC OUTCOMES” and Jay Cameron’s paper “Teacher-Led Change in Secondary School Physical Education” go over ideas on how to change the physical education system in schools. It’s a great way to see the similarities in what people find most important changing physical education. Such as, importance of planning, teachers having knowledge plus a good background, and making it feel different. These changes show what’s important to help make sure the students get the best physical education without it feeling like such a burden. Both Vicanna and Cameron stress the importance of organization and planning to be one of the most important aspects. In Cameron’s study a teacher said “In terms of preparation and planning . . . it was more labor intensive and now that it’s done and
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