Is Johannes Cabal: The necromancer by Johnathan L. Howard great Literature?

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Literature is a painting, translated beautifully into language, aesthetically strung across a blank canvas. There is good literature and sub-par literature alike, but there is also great literature. What is great literature? What makes good literature great literature? Johannes Cabal: The Necromancer by Johnathan L. Howard is a tale splendidly spun with roots in macabre and dark humour. But is it great literature? In a way, it may be. Howard’s writing is witty and eye-opening. His characterization is interesting and really makes the reader question the moralities of not just the character and realize just how close to human nature Howard has managed to reach.
Howard’s writing is both witty and entertaining to read. With varying sentence structures and a large vocabulary, Howard is able to make even a tale as dark as this seem light-hearted in its own way without diluting the dark humour this genre calls for. Howard’s description of the shooting of Dennis, a sub-par excuse for a robber, is written darkly, but with the content of Howard’s sentence and word choice, the scene isn’t as grotesque as it potentially could have been. As Dennis was shot in the back, he was described as “falling, his minimal amounts of brain activity flickering down to nothing” (Howard 22). Not to mention, Howard’s language is what the novel has been complimented most for. This book is credited for its “witty adventure” (Robinson), but this book still falls into the macabre genre as this novel’s…

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