Is Johannes Cabal: The necromancer by Johnathan L. Howard great Literature?

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Literature is a painting, translated beautifully into language, aesthetically strung across a blank canvas. There is good literature and sub-par literature alike, but there is also great literature. What is great literature? What makes good literature great literature? Johannes Cabal: The Necromancer by Johnathan L. Howard is a tale splendidly spun with roots in macabre and dark humour. But is it great literature? In a way, it may be. Howard’s writing is witty and eye-opening. His characterization is interesting and really makes the reader question the moralities of not just the character and realize just how close to human nature Howard has managed to reach. Howard’s writing is both witty and entertaining to read. With varying sentence…show more content…
Johannes Cabal himself is arguably the main protagonist in the story. Where his motives are questionable, there are times were Cabal seems to be doing more evil than good, only to have the reader soon realize that that is not the case, and that Cabal is actually doing more good than evil. His character falls in a grey sort of area, and I think that genuinely reflects how humans can be. There are times where people can be selfish one day and selfless the other – behaviour styles are always fluctuating. Howard’s ability to create an enjoyable novel with such legit human aspects is difficult to do, as where some characters may seem realistic, there’s always that one trait that many cannot connect to, and with Howard able to convey this fuzzy morality between good and evil allows even the most average of persons to connect to his character. Although this book hasn’t opened my eyes to the world, it has provided a nice landing pad for that balance of creating a believable character who can be the protagonist of the story, even if sometimes he seems like the antagonist. Life isn’t a fairy tale and neither is Johannes Cabal: The Necromancer. Book experts have commented on this novel being “excellent” (Watson 1) and “fresh and quite funny” (Vidimos 1). It has also been called “odd” (Fuhrman 1) as well as the awkward placement of a couple characters who come in “for about three pages, then were never heard
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