Is Joseph Conrad Racist Or Racist

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“One of these creatures rose to his hands and knees, and went off on all-four towards the river to drink”(Conrad 53). Is Joseph Conrad being racist by saying this? Or is he just telling the story how it was in 1890’s? These are some of the questions that goes through a reader’s mind after they read the Heart of Darkness. The more the reader thinks about the words said about African Americans and women. They may come to the idea that Conrad is a racist. By no means does this mean Conrad’s work is not a piece of famous art. How can a reader say author is or is not a racist person? Is Conrad’s not racist or is it just the main character Marlow? These questions have been a very hot topic when it comes to Conrad’s book Heart of Darkness.
“The conquest of the earth, which mostly means
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No person that ever read the Heart of Darkness can say it does not contain racism. Yet the novel is still considered a piece of art because of the history it beholds (“Marlowe’s” 2). Many critics such as Chinua Achebe will say other wise because of the racism it tells (“Marlowe’s” 2) Heart of Darkness is the idea of how wicked a human’s soul/ heart actually can be (“Racism” 8). This proves that no matter the color of one’s skin that does not determine their personality (Conrad 88). This novel shows the darkest sides of any human white or african american. That does not mean a thing but what does is who that person really is. The Heart of Darkness tells an accurate story of a very disgusting time in the world (“Exploration” 1). Even with all the facts and literature that shows it has racism in it, Heart of Darkness is still a wonderful work of art to many. One must remember that all novels are open for one’s own interpretation (“Marlowe’s” 7). Therefore the book can be racist depending on the reader’s comprehension of the novel (“Marlowe’s”
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