Is Journalistic Objectivity Beneficial?

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Choosing what news station to watch can be a big deal. Maybe one person identifies with Fox News more and maybe one person identifies with CNN more. Whatever news station one chooses there might be some biases with how news stories are reported. These biases may be harmful to the facts that need to be reported on, or it could just be a part of being human. All people have opinions, and that includes reporters. However, it is a reporter’s job to share the facts and not the opinions. In this paper I will first define what journalistic objectivity, and then address the following questions, Can or should a journalist be objective, under what circumstances can objective journalism be beneficial, and under what circumstances can objective…show more content…
While watching the videos I did not develop trust in the report, nor did I feel that any of his information was factual. This is why it is important for journalists to report the truth. In order for the viewer to feel that they can trust that the information given to them in factual and not opinion based, so that the viewer is able to establish their own opinion. Before getting into why objectivity can be harmful, it is important to lay out why some news media is biased. These reasons will come from the “Rhetorica: Media/ Political Bias.” News media are biased towards conflict because it draws readers and viewers. People do not want to know that everything in the world in wonderful, people like to know what conflict is going on. The next bias plays into the conflict which is that good news is boring and that news media is biased towards bad news. The news media is biased towards the immediate; this is because when the news is ever-changing even when there is little to cover on the subject. People do not want to see the same report on the same subject multiple times. News media likes it when there is a narrative behind a story; when there are antagonists and protagonists. This can lead to a journalists add or seeking our drama for the sake of drama. While these are not all of the reasons why news media are not objective but are biased it does explain why. When looking at objectivity being harmful it is easier to look at how biases in
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