Is Jupiter's Moon Europa?

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Introduction What if one day our world became too crowded or was at the verge of becoming like Venus, would there be another world we could escape to? Other planets and moons have been traveled to in order to answer this question. One place in particular that has been identified as a possible future home is Jupiter’s moon Europa. With future landing and explorations of Europe we may be able to determine the geophysical processes, ocean composition in order to determine its habitability. What it takes in order to confirm Europa as a candidate for a future home this case study shows what objectives and scientific rationale are needed for the mission. (R.T. Pappalardo, et al, 2013) Habitability of Europa Conducting such a mission to Europa may provide answers to whether or not it has what it takes to hold life; water, chemistry, and energy. By way of in situ an analysis of the chemistry and mineralogy without having to remotely visit the surface of the moon. If we are able to access samples from within the icy shell we may be able to detect what exactly Europa’s composition may be and what it may imply for future life. A proper landing on the moon could provide us with ways of analyzing the geology and subsurface ocean that it holds. (R.T. Pappalardo, et al, 2013) According to the case study in order for Europa to sustain habitual life it must contain at least three different ingredients, in addition to a physicochemical environment, liquid water at the correct amount of

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