Is Jurassic Park Still Reign Supreme?

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Blog 7 – Does Jurassic Park still reign supreme?

Journey back 15 years and the thought of there being licensed online slots titles would have been crazy. The industry at the time was very much “small time” when compared to other forms of entertainment. It is safe to say that the industry has grown since those days and is now worth billions upon billions of pounds. In fact, from a financial perspective the online casino industry can easily go toe-to-toe with film and video game markets in the money stakes.

When it comes to the major names in licensed games, Jurassic Park is considered to be one of the biggest. Released a while back, the game looked to inject new life into the Jurassic Park franchise prior to major motion picture release of Jurassic World. Judging by its runaway success on various online casino portals it managed to do just that. However, amongst all the adaptations that have been released since, Jurassic Park has stood strong as the leading name. Jurassic Park has proven to be Microgaming development at its best, with it arguably being the greatest ever licensed online casino game.

A True Award Winner

Every year the Global Gaming Awards bring together the industry’s finest and most well respected names. This year it was clear from the outset that both Microgaming and Jurassic Park were the stars of the show. Taking home the prestigious Digital Product of the Year Award, Jurassic Park is a game that now has its name etched in history. What it also means is…

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