Is Just Women Education is Women Empowerment?

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A womens education has become the key development objectives,“The establishment of Women University is an administrative task requiring human power planning and rethinking of the entire issue of the function of higher education for both men and women many questions have to be carefully considered before implementing the proposal. What do women do with higher education? How many of them actually pursue careers?
General observations suggests that university education does not necessarily prepare women for any definite roles. Some women study while waiting to get married; several go in for higher studies to get better marriage partners. With the exception of few technical fields, no mechanism or procedure exists in Pakistan to help young
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Not having been together as co-students men and women will find difficulty to accept each other as co-workers. By creating a women’s university that would be mainly a home economics university, we would be sex-stereotyping higher education for women. It is also important to look at and understand the political motives of those sections of the population which are demanding or opposing the establishment of women’s university.
I am emphatically of the view that a separate university for women should not be formed, because the ultimate aim of higher education for women in Pakistan would be the integration of women into the various field of studying according to their abilities and talents. The formation of separate university for women could easily lead to a second-class status for women. The significance of this point needs to be fully appreciated. The matter should also be considered from the standpoint of emerging of competing claims in the distribution of scarce resources, services and facilities. “In Pakistan, where there are already quite a few bases for acquiring and rendering social justice, a women’s university would add to such bases, and thereby further complicate an already complex situation.”(319) COMPARISON TO THE WOMEN OF THE OTHER DEVELOPED COUNTRIES:
Pakistani Women is portrayed as submissive, oppressed and backward, yet it is not true, we can divide them in

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