Is Kart Caselli a Hero?

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Heroism can be based off something of a personality trait, or something that makes a person the naturally whole type of person they are. The word ‘hero’ can have many different types of meanings and connotations that can come with it but the best definition to fit the legacy of the late Kurt Caselli is as follows: “A man who is idealized for possessing superior qualities in any field” which defines Caselli in all ways and directions; backwards, forwards, sideways, and upside down ( Kurt Caselli was one that hung his head high no matter what the circumstances and always emerged on top, and in the process was affecting the lives of thousands of young and old followers alike with inspiration to be the best and “be remembered as a person, not a racer” (personal quote from Kurt Caselli). Caselli should be considered a hero because of his determination to perform, appeal to crowds, and just be an all-around good friend to lend out a helping hand when needed. He has touched the hearts and souls of many, even though still believed he was a little guy, just like every other ‘average joe,’ but for those he left behind, whether on the trail or in life, he left an effect that would never be lost.
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