Is Kathmandu Ready For Live The Dream?

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Is Kathmandu Ready to Live the Dream? Marketing, branding aspects of Kathmandu along with its financial health, productivity trends, risks and intellectual property Prepared by: Ujjwal Suwal Freedom Institute of Higher Education Company Studies 609 July 5. 2015 Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Kathmandu: Profile 3 Marketing, Branding and Reputational Perspective their competitive Advantages 3 1. Innovation 4 2. Engagement 4 3. Bundling 5 4. Efficiency 5 General Health of Kathmandu 5 1. Return on Equity (ROE) 5 2. DuPont Ratio Components 5 3. Additional profitability Ratios 6 4. Additional Leverage Ratios 7 Productivity Trends 7 1. Store rollout and refurbishment 7 2. Online Sales 9 3. Inventory control 10 Intellectual Property Documentation, Strategies and Processes 12 1. Register IP 12 2. Maintain secrecy 12 3. Demonstrate ownership 13 Risk Management Strategies 13 a. Market risk 13 b. Credit risk 13 c. Liquidity risk 13 d. Capital Risk 14 Conclusion 15 References 16 Appendices 17 Executive Summary Kathmandu boasts as the largest retailer in adventure and travel clothing and equipment in Australasia. It began its journey in 1987 as a small retailer specialist outdoor retailer in Melbourne, Kathmandu which has now extended its store network in Australia, New Zealand and the UK with 150 stores as well as an online store. It offers wide range of men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing and outdoor equipment such as tents, sleeping bags and accessories. It aspires to meet

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