Is Katniss A Hero?

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Natalia Mongo September 13, 2015 ENC1102 Is Katniss a Hero? The Hunger Games takes place in the future where the nation is divided into 12 districts. Every year two young individuals are chosen from each distract to fight in the hunger games which was made up because many years ago the districts had a rebellion against the capital and lost so they set up the hunger games to show that they have control. The tributes are chosen by a raffle, one boy and one girl. This year Peeta, a baker’s son and 16 years old Katniss Everdeen’s younger sister, Prim, are both chosen. The games are set up so everyone in each district can watch all the tributes fight to their deaths. For the first time ever seen, Katniss volunteers to take Prim’s place in the games. Many wonder, what would have occurred in the games if Katniss did not volunteer for her sister. The creator of this movie, Suzanne Collins, stated "I was flipping through images of reality television, there were these young people competing for a million dollars ... and I saw images of the Iraq War, two things began to sort of fuse together in a very unsettling way, and there is really the moment when I got the idea for Katniss ' story." (Forer, 2012).Collins began seeing images of the Iraq war was because her father served in the war when she was little and she wants young people to think about the cruelty of war. To put together what she saw on television and the idea of young people realizing the brutality of war she came up
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