Is Kevin Wendell Crumb From The Movie Split?

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The character that I chose to write about is Kevin Wendell Crumb from the movie “Split”. Kevin suffers from dissociative identity disorder which causes him to experience 23 different personalities within his mind. Dissociative identity disorder used to be called multiple personality disorder and is defined as a person’s identity that is fragmented into two or more distinct personalities. The most common cause for dissociative identity disorder is severe abuse whether it be physical, emotional and sexual or a mix of all three. The personalities are said to live their own life, have their own characteristics and memories, when the personalities switch there is no recollection of the memories that the other personalities had. Gaps of time…show more content…
All these personalities are drastically different from each other, some being more controlling and others being more docile. Kevin is also able to alter his body every time a different personality takes over, different personalities needs glasses while another personality’s need to have insulin shots. In my opinion, the movie did a good job making the character interesting and very defined when it comes to his personalities. The depiction of the different personalities was executed very well. The fact that he chose to have drastically different personalities and with every personality even the needs of the body changed for example, the vision becoming bad or becoming diabetic. But, I don’t think it was a good depiction of a real-life person with dissociative identity disorder. In real-life, someone with this disorder/disability doesn’t have that drastic of a change or it’s not that noticeable whereas the movie makes very exaggerated. People who really have this disorder/disability don’t have such dramatic personalities nor are violent or can be danger to society. The depiction of the

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