Is King Henry V Truly Epic?

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Henry V was not what I was expecting. I thought it was going to be all war and no fun. From the beginning I feel like King Henry was underestimated in his ability to lead his people by some of the French. But he quickly showed us that was not true. We see that he knows that his status as King isn’t a joke and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Many of the characters speak about how he was when he younger and not the King. But when it became time for him to step up and be King he took on that duty in a serious manner. King Henry even knew when to show mercy and cruelty. With the drunk man he knew that he would learn from his action by being locked up for a while and so he showed him mercy. But the exact opposite happened with the traitors. He couldn’t show mercy with them because he as King felt that it would put him and his people in danger.…show more content…
This also happens in real life. Someone can tell you that they have your back but go back and tell everyone your business that you told them in secret. Action like this makes you have trust issues. It also breaks friendships amongst people. His speech about “Band of Brothers” is truly epic. It’s like standing on the field listening to one of the football coaches giving the guys a speech about not just giving up but to keep fighting as one till the fight is over. We see love be shown when Henry meets Princess Katherine. Even though they had a language barrier Henry still found a way to profess his love for her. It adds the comedy to intense situation. One of my favorite characters would be The Boy. Even though he was a servant to a bad group of guys he knew he could be better. He didn’t believe that stealing was
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