Is Leadership A Tangible Skill?

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1. Leadership. How do you define a word that organizations, both commercial and governmental, spend millions of dollars on and countless man hours to teach? Is leadership a tangible skill, something that can be taught? Or is it an innate ability that is honed and perfected? In the same manner, one could ask, what are indications of a good leader? Do they produce results, while leaving a trail of destruction? Or are they liked by their people? Personally, I define leadership as inspiring people to accomplish a goal.
2. Growing up, I was taught very early on, to always do the best I could, no matter how menial the task. I had this ingrained in me over years of mowing grass, cleaning pools, raking leaves, and especially shoveling snow. My step father explained that completing a job is not good enough; you had to do the best you could. I always thought he was looking for perfection, however he wasn’t. He was looking to teach me that something worth doing is something worth doing well.
3. When I entered the Coast Guard, I learned that even though I did complete tasking satisfactorily, I wasn’t working hard. I didn’t grasp the concept that the work was never over. I would complete tasks, and then think I was finished. Thankfully, I had an outstanding mentor and leader. Specifically a hard charging Chief Boatswain’s Mate named John Brennan. He instilled in me the idea that to succeed, I needed to work hard. Working hard in the Coast Guard means enduring hours of…
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