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Science is the knowledge gained by careful observation, by deduction of the laws that govern changes and conditions, and by testing these deductions by doing experiments and then refining these experiments and testing them again. There are a couple of diverse learning methods. These methods are classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Precisely, what is conditioning? Conditioning is the process of changing behavior in such a way that an action formerly associated with a particular stimulus becomes associated with a new and unrelated stimulus. Both of these learning methods are basic forms of learning, which leads me
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It appeared that the random actions of the cat leading to the opening of the door had become strengthened by its positive consequences. The reactions dwindled and probably will stop totally when the food reward is not disposed. The term for this is extinction (Conditioning-Classical and Operant Conditioning n.d. p. 1709). In this experiment the reaction being conditioned, opening the latch is the operant because it functions on the environment. The reward or any consequence that makes a behavior stronger is the reinforcer of conditioning. Reinforcement is the procedure of withdrawing or offering negative or positive reinforcers to sustain or increase a response. It can occur after every response, this is called continuous. If it occurs only after some responses it is called intermittent (Operant Conditioning October 22, 2010). B. F. Skinner was a Harvard Psychologist who did the majority of the research on operant conditioning, although he did not “discover” it. He designed the operant box which is sometimes called the Skinner box. Skinner used rats in his research. Inside of the Skinner box there was a lever and a cup that stuck out of the wall. When the lever was pressed down, it would release a food pellet into the cup. Once the rat recognized that food was being released by pressing the lever, the rate in which the lever gets pressed is increased. Learning has been
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